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Maharishi International University’s graduate program in Cinematic Arts, inspired by renowned filmmaker David Lynch, includes a US-based MFA degree in Screenwriting and this Global MFA program in Cinematic Arts.

The Global MFA in Cinematic Arts 


Maharishi International University’s Global Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Cinematic Arts is a 72-credit hour terminal degree in the applied arts of digital media conception and production.


The degree is offered online around the world by MIU and its affiliated faculty. The degree is completed through MIU with credit-transfer approvals of up to 36 credit hours from an approved graduate school in your home location. You may apply to join our Global MFA from anywhere in the world, and attend courses synchronously (being part of a live class experience) or asynchronously (observing the recorded version of the same classes). You will also be invited to join us, at your option, in Fairfield, Iowa for occasional course offerings that will take place in a traditional classroom setting.

Meditate and Create.

David Lynch is not a professor at MIU and has no responsibilities regarding the university and its curriculum, professors, and budgetary processes. Students will not have interaction with him during their enrollment. His creative vision and his insight on the primacy of consciousness in creativity and film guides and inspires this unique degree path. We study his films, his paintings, and all of his cross disciplinary art, encouraging our students to undertake their own unbounded journeys in creativity. 

While studying at MIU, all students are expected to complete course offerings in theory, aesthetics, and the science and technology of consciousness, as well as required thesis credits. 

If you wish to live The Art Life, if you are prepared to make meditation an integral part of your creative process, if you want - as our namesake puts it - to "catch the big fish," you'll find a home with us. 

The Global MFA in Cinematic Arts of Maharishi International University's David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts (DLGSCA) has been designed to forge progressive global and domestic alliances with film students and institutions.


The Global MFA in Cinematic Arts in Detail

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