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The Creative Producing track of MIU's Global MFA in Cinematic Arts

arranged in partnership with New Vision University in Tbilisi, Georgia



Note: the details on this page are provided for informational purposes.


The Global MFA of the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts is presently formalizing the following draft articulation agreement for students wishing to pursue an International Creative Producing track as part of the Global MFA. The structure of the agreement is still being finalized and will see a range of adjustments prior to the program's formal commencement in Fall 2022. In the interim, students on LLM or MBA paths at NVU are invited to undertake their degrees with a plan to transfer presently offered, approved courses into the Creative Producing track.

Founded in 2013, New Vision University (NVU) is a non-profit private institution located in Tbilisi, Georgia, Eastern Europe. NVU is officially recognized by Georgia's Ministry of Education and serves, as part of its mission, a high percentage of international students. NVU inspires individuals to advance and share knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the well-being of society. 

Graduation Requirements for the Global MFA in Cinematic Arts - Creative Producing Track

This unique Creative Producing track hybridizes the experience of traditional film courses with graduate level courses in international law and business that are essential to the success of producers in global film and television.

Many film producers come from backgrounds in law and in business. Few have the extensive film school experience that can help them understand the procedures of film property evaluation and procural, along with the lexicon and direct experience of development, pre-production, production, post-production, and film marketing processes. This unique Global MFA in Creative Producing equips students with the array of skill sets to work both as filmmakers and producers in the international marketplace.

The Global MFA in Cinematic Arts degree requires 72 semester hours of credit at the graduate standard. The core (required), selective, and elective courses include the following. Please note that the curriculum may evolve from one year to the next, and this will entail course changes. Students will graduate under the terms of curriculum of the catalog in place in the year of admission. Each student will be individually mentored by the Global MFA Program Director or an assigned faculty member.

Students may elect to concomitantly undertake study for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Laws (LLM) through NVU, with applicable credits counted toward both degree paths. Students may also elect to study, for one course or a semester abroad, at MIU or any of our partner institutions. 

Tuition rates - please consult the graduate course tuition rates for the applicable institution. NVU courses are to be completed at NVU tuition rates; MIU courses will be completed at rates set by MIU.

Course options at Maharishi International University –

Students must complete a minimum of 36 credits through MIU registrations for the Global MFA

All courses, other than study abroad options, are taken online.

Core Courses – minimum of 30 Credits (60 ECTS)

Core Curriculum - Online only through MIU

Code / Course Title / Credits / ECTS

The following introductory course will be made available for registration in October 2021,

to be offered online over an eight week period, or in person in Tbilisi as a one-week intensive

in December 2021

DLCA 500   Survey of the Global MFA in Cinematic Arts  3 / 6

The following courses will be made available for registration for Fall 2022

DLCA 510  The Creative Process 1 / 2

DLCA 511-515  Creative Intelligence Seminar I, II, III & IV 1-4 / 2-8

Creative Producing Track - Online only through MIU

DLCA 580  The Business of Delivery and Distribution 3 / 6

DLCA 701  Producing: Transnational Cinema 3 / 6

Core Courses taken from MIU (available online and at the NVU campus)

16-31 credits (32-62 ECTS)

DLCA 792  Internship ** 3-15 / 6-30

DLCA 730-760  Thesis + ** 9-15 / 18-30

DLCA 790  Project Exhibition** 1 / 2

MIU Selectives – at least 22 Credits (44 ECTS) 


Select from the following:

Code / Course Title / Credits / ECTS


DLCA 519 The Films and Philosophy of David Lynch 3 / 6

DLCA 530  Screenwriting I 3 / 6

DLCA 656  Documentary Filmmaking  3 / 6

DLCA 675  Low Budget Filmmaking 3 / 6

DLCA 690  Independent Study (after first year) 1-9 / 2-18

DLCA 708 Study Abroad: The Cannes Film Festival residency* 2 / 4

DLCA 709  Study Abroad: The Toronto International Film Festival* 2 / 4

DLCA 710  Study Abroad: Sundance and Los Angeles residency* 2 / 4

DLCA 720  Capstone Development 3 / 6

* this course option requires payment of supplemental fees

** this course option is available also at NVU campus in Tbilisi, Georgia

See details below regarding Internships, Theses, and Independent Studies

Up to 18 Global MFA credits (United States standard) may be taken at NVU through registration with MIU.

The following course selectives will be made available for registration in Fall 2022:

Code / Course Title / Credits / ECTS

DLCA 540  Pre-Production 3 / 6

DLCA 550  Production I  3 / 6

DLCA 590  Independent Study: Compose with Khancheli Orchestra*** 2 / 4

DLCA 652  Directing 3 / 6

DLCA 654  Cinematography 3 / 6

DLCA 660  Editing  3 / 6

DLCA 662  Audio 3 / 6

DLCA 653  Directing Performance 3 / 6

*** With advanced approval only, students wishing to have an orchestral score may be interviewed for the opportunity to record with the Khancheli Orchestra

See details below regarding Internships, Theses, and Independent Studies

NVU Courses recognized as MIU Program Selectives – up to 36 credits

The following courses may be taken now at NVU:

Courses from NVU Graduate Programs

Code / Course Title / Credits / ECTS

GC 0101  Communication and Negotiation 3 / 6

GC 0102  Leadership  3 / 6

GC 0103  Culture and Values  3 / 6

GC 0104  Creativity and Innovation in Business Settings 3 / 6

L 0301   Communications and Media Law 3 / 6

L 0303  Law of Social Media 3 / 6

MBA 7301  Capstone in Business Development and Entrepreneurship 6 / 12

 L0101  Comparative and Unified Private Law 3 / 6

L0102  Private International Law 3 / 6

L0103  Comparative Contract Law 3 / 6

L0112   Corporate Governance 3 / 6

L0119  Implementation of the Association Agreement in Intellectual Property Law 3 / 6 

L0201  International Law 3 / 6

L0212  International Taxation 3 / 6

L0215  International Investment Law 3 / 6 

BUSA 7103    Corporate Financial Management  3 / 6

BUSA 7104    Marketing Management  3 / 6

MBA 7203      Marketing Communication and Promotion 3 /6 

MBA 7205      Global Business 3 / 6


A maximum of 36 US credits (12 courses) may be taken through NVU registration and counted toward the Global MFA’s Creative Producing Track

Elective Courses (not required; 9 credits / 18 ECTS maximum)


Up to 9 (nine) credits in graduate level courses taken on campus in other disciplines at Maharishi International University may be undertaken and counted toward the total credits allowable for graduation.

Note: while the provision of the elective category is intended to allow flexibility in the degree path, students are not required to choose courses outside the curriculum of The Global MFA in Cinematic Arts.


On a limited basis and solely with approval of the advisor, MFA students may also undertake a registered Independent Study in lieu of a regularly scheduled course:


  • DLCA 690 Independent Study (1-9 credits / 2-18 ECTS after first year)


Required Internship in Cinematic Arts (3–15 credits / 6-30 ECTS)


All students are required to undertake internships in the minimum aggregate of 3 credits (or 3 weeks).


The student must identify a field-related internship topic or project and secure the commitment of an on-site supervisor for the project. The student will submit to the Global MFA Program Director a petition for the internship that states the educational objectives of the internship and identifies a full-time faculty member who will be the internship evaluator. In special circumstances, the internship may be conducted at an on-campus location. Upon approval of the faculty evaluator and submission of the Internship Petition, the student may register for DLCA 692/792 Internships.


  • DLCA 692 Internship (3–6 credits / 6-12 ECTS)

  • DLCA 792 Internship (3–9 credits / 6-18 ECTS). May be repeated for credit.


Required Thesis (9–15 credits / 18-30 ECTS)


In the thesis/project of the Creative Producing track, the student actively participates in an aspect of the development, design, production and delivery of a film project undertaken at a graduate standard. Project scope and duration must be approved prior to registration by the faculty advisor. For thesis credit, the producing track student must serve as a Producer, but may also serve in one or more of the following roles:

  • Producer (required)

  • Screenwriter

  • Director

  • Cinematographer

  • Editor


Credit for any other function on a thesis project will be permitted only with the approval of the Global MFA program director.


The student selects a Thesis Committee consisting of a thesis chair and two additional faculty members, then develops a proposal acceptable to the committee. The faculty chair must be drawn from full-time faculty; the other committee members may come from part-time faculty and may include an external evaluator, subject to the chair’s approval.


Equipment as needed for production may be provided on a borrowed basis and, when possible, is included in tuition. If equipment is damaged, lost or destroyed while in the student’s possession, the student will be responsible for repair or replacement costs.


Students enrolled in MIU's Global MFA courses are attending from around the world and are required to provide their own equipment, including cameras and computers for editing. It is strongly recommended that thesis projects undertaken at MIU are rooted in screenwriting, producing (production development), or editing of a work filmed prior to arrival at MIU. Approvals for production theses started and completed at MIU will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The thesis project is a significant piece of work. Except in special circumstances subject to rigorous approval, the thesis registrant’s role in the related production(s) may not be a shared credit. The function must be clearly defined in writing and approved by the faculty advisor prior to registration. Students are otherwise encouraged to collaborate with their classmates, colleagues in their workplaces, and with the community as subjects, cast, and crew in the making of thesis projects.


As students proceed through their own thesis work, and that of their classmates, they register for the following courses as appropriate to their role in the project at that time. At the end of the program, each student will exhibit their film and defend it in an oral examination.

  • DLCA 730 Thesis Screenwriting (1-15 credits / 2-30 ECTS)

  • DLCA 740 Thesis Pre-Production (1-6 credits / 2-12 ECTS)

  • DLCA 750 Thesis Production (1-15 credits / 2-30 ECTS)

  • DLCA 760 Thesis Post-production (1-15 credits / 2-30 ECTS)

  • DLCA 790 Thesis Exhibition (1 credit / 2 ECTS)


Students may register for DLCA 700-level courses only after the committee has approved the student’s proposal.  The student then completes the thesis project/production with the guidance of the thesis chair.  An 8-10 page paper taking the form of a production diary must accompany all projects submitted for evaluation. The purpose of the accompanying paper is to speak reflectively on the student’s experience of the production process and to facilitate insight into the experience that cannot be observed through reviewing the thesis project in itself.


Upon completion of the thesis requirement, a student will possess either a) a portfolio of work carried out in the disciplines of screenwriting, producing, cinematography, and editing, with other subjects to be considered by the Global MFA Program Director, or b) a thesis film in which the student has functioned as auteur – the writer, director, and editor.


Each credit of DLCA 700-level work must be substantiated by at least 45 hours of project-related work with periodic supervision and feedback from the faculty.

Please note: the formal start date of this program may be suspended for any reason, such as the ongoing pandemic, and the decision to delay will be decided at the sole discretion of Maharishi International University.  If this should happen, all applicants will be notified at least three months in advance.

Applications for Fall 2022 are being accepted now.  Students having taken or currently enrolled in courses in the curriculum may transfer these existing courses into the Global MFA upon acceptance. Apply here. Questions regarding the degree path may be sent by email to the Global MFA Program Director

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